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Monday 1st February


NUMERACY - Sequences of fractions

Spr5.5.2 - Number sequences

Watch this video to help you understand fraction sequences.

Today you will be working on fraction sequences - counting forwards and backwards in fraction.

First, have a go at the recap.  You will find the answers on the slides.

Look through the slides and try the example questions.  Once you feel confident, look at the HL tasks and decide where you think you can start.  Work through the questions and check your answers as you go.  If you want an extra challenge there are also some reasoning questions.



First, complete your Activating Prior Knowledge task:

Next up is an activity on using a dash in your writing.


Dashes can be used to separate two independent main clauses or to add parenthesis within a sentence

You can:
 - add a dash at the end of the clause and then add another main clause with some additional information,


                               e.g. It was a long wait – every minute felt like an hour.


 - Or, add a pair of dashes into the sentence for parenthesis (like we also do with commas or brackets)


                              e.g. James Bond – the international man of mystery – jumped straight over the car, rolled and ran off into the woods


Have a go at the activities, which use dashes for dramatic effect! The activities are one, two or three star so do the one you would usually do for comprehension. 

When you have finished, write your own sentences using examples of dashes. 

Year 5 unit 11: saying 4-figure numbers with thousands, hundreds, tens and ones

Watch this video about larger numbers in Spanish. Use the number builder above to hep you fill in the worksheet. You will be writing numbers into Spanish words and vice-versa.