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Monday 1st February



To start the day off, spend 10 minutes reading , then try the next arithmetic sheet. Remember section C is for those who need that extra challenge. 


Start your maths lesson my spending 10 minutes on Times Table Rock Stars. Well done to those who have been completing all their games.

Today we are moving onto our next unit all about money! Go through the teaching slides and watch the videos when prompted. Ask your grown ups if they have any coins or notes you can have a look at to help you with this. 

Monday Maths Pence.mp4

Still image for this video

Monday maths pounds.mp4

Still image for this video


So as with previous weeks, here are the links to this weeks new Word Detective and Spelling activities.

Speech Puncuation

So today we are going to revisit punctuating speech. This is something we always need lots of practice with. Watch the video and join in with the activities along the way. Jot down any activities you are asked to do in your exercise books. Don't forget to write the date and the title as you would in school.


Spend the first 10 minutes of the afternoon reading.



Hi Y3, time for on the link below to go to your lesson and make sure you have your listening sheet ready! smiley