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Monday 1st February

Morning task

Below are your new spellings for this week. Practise them each day using look, cover, write, check. 

Please complete the spelling task for your morning work today.


Set up your page with the title:

Compare and Order Fractions, then complete and mark your recap, which is on the slides.


Then, have a careful look at the explanation on the slides. This is a review of a topic we did in school before Christmas, so the methods should seem familiar. There is also a video you can watch, which explains the methods in the same way.


Now, choose the level you are working at, by looking at the success criteria, and thinking about what you need to practise from the slides.


You do not do all the activities - choose those that suit your needs. Mark your answers every 3-5 questions to check how you are doing, and move on to the next task if you think you are ready - just like we do in school. You should work on maths for about an hour every day.


We will have a second day on this topic tomorrow, where you can continue this work.


Explanation slides and video:
Tasks: (select from these for your level)


Today, have a go at writing a character description for Miss Trunchbull. Imagine that she is accusing Matilda of stink-bombing her study and is going to 'speak' to her about it. As she marches down the corridor, describe what she looks like and what she is saying. 


You can use the example below to help you, but it is NOT a fill the gaps task! You need to use some of these ideas and ADD SOME OF YOUR OWN in too. You can type it (on the word document - but remember to save it first!) or write it in your books.


Please write today's date and the title of 

Miss Trunchbull character description

Use your word bank that you completed on Monday for ideas (here's a filled in one if you are not sure). 

Today we are looking at shadows. 

Everything you need is on the slides.


Set your page up with the title Shadows and follow the instructions. Some tasks just ask you to think - then the answers are given on the next slide. We have made it clear for you, when you need to write something.


There is a small (simple) experiment for you to try today. All you will need is a torch (you can use one on a phone) and a small space on a wall. Have fun!


Spend 20 minutes reading today and make sure you record this in your diary. You could choose to read your reading book or First News.