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Monday 1st March

Good morning

Final Monday of home learning. We can't wait to see you all again in person next week. It is really important that you keep up with your learning this week. We will start off a Monday morning as always with a 10 minute read (recorded in your diary) followed by the next arithmetic page.

Remember section C is for those who want that extra challenge.


Start your maths lesson by spending 10 minutes on Times Table Rockstars.

Please mark your maths from Friday:
Today, we would like you to practice the skills you learnt last week (tally charts, pictograms, bar charts and tables). There are no lesson slides today as this is not new learning so if you are stuck on a question use the lessons/videos from last week. 


Below is the usual link to the 'Word Detective' and 'Spelling' activities.

Today in literacy you will learning about Norfolk, through completing a comprehension task. Read the text carefully and if there are any words you are unsure about talk to your parent about them or use a dictionary. For some of the trickier words you will find a link to an online dictionary to tell you what these mean.

Start by clicking on the WALT and success criteria and completing the recap task.


Spend the first 10 minutes reading your reading book please. 



Hi Year 3!

I hope you all had a good half term break and are looking forward to being back next week – we’re really looking forward to seeing you smiley Today’s music lesson is a one off link to 2 different videos as I’m keen for us all to start our new topic altogether next week in music. So, you will be doing a bit of singing and some ‘cup rhythms’ today – you need a plastic cup or beaker (maybe a picnic one?!) for that bit, which hopefully you can find at home somewhere. Have fun and I’ll see you next week to hear how you got on!

Ms Howes laugh