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Monday 1st March

Morning task

Below are your new spellings to practise for this week. Look at the each day and practise them using look, cover, write, check. Get an adult to test you on them at the end of the week.


For your morning task, complete the spelling task below - add the correct words into the sentences to complete them. 


Today we will start our exciting look at the mathematical world of algebra! We will take it steady, and it is easier than you think. 


Put the title Using a formula part 1 in your book and work through the slides.


Everything you need is on the slides - explanations, tasks and answers.


Everyone will be working through red and orange today. Green and purple are tomorrow. You can always come back and finish today's tasks tomorrow, if you run out of time today. Remember to work on maths for an hour.

Corrected answers!


Read the text on the document below which related to Henry Ford's early life.

Complete the document by answering the key questions. You should find all the answers in from the text. This will help you tomorrow when you will be writing this part. 


Today we are going to start our exciting topic of electricity and electrical circuits.


You can use this website to build virtual electrical circuits (it's very easy to use, and the instructions you need are on the slides):


You will be given a printed copy of the electricty knowledge organiser when you come back into school, but you can bring yours in if you want to print one now.


Choose a reading challenge from your diary to complete today.