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Monday 22nd

Maths: Exploring sequences (patterns) in numbers

Watch the slides and answer the red and orange questions on the sheets you have. (Work for about an hour on maths.)

You can go on to green tomorrow.

Remember to mark as you go along. 


Today, we are going to be planning a setting description of Glamis castle. Use your word bank from last week and the Macbeth text to give you ideas.

Here is your vocabulary sheet from last Wednesday


We didn't manage to do art on Friday, so we are going to be completing Friday's lesson. What you can do is spend a bit more time on that task - try to draw a few more of the buildings and people. Experiment with the colours, and perhaps have a go at the sky (can you smudge to get the effect of smoke?)

You could find another one of Lowry's paintings to use as well.


Don't forget to annotate your attempts by saying what is successful and what isn't. Use the key words: line; tone; shape; and colour.