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Monday 22nd November



Take a look at the WALT and APK task below before you start. 


Today is a comprehension task, about Christmas! Read the questions first, then read through the text. This will help you to spot the sections in the text that will answer the questions. Underline sections, sentences or words that will be useful for answering the questions, and mark on the number of the question to help find the right section. 

Answer the questions the one-star sheet in full, using the text to help you. Remember to use evidence from the text in your answer where it is needed, and try to explain this too. 


eg. I think the girl's favourite colour is blue because it says in the text that her room is painted entirely in this colour. This would suggest that she really likes it, as she wouldn't have it all that colour if she did not. 

On Friday we did some Children in Need related times table practice.  You can either do this, or practice your tables on TT Rockstars.

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