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Monday 22nd November


Today is the last day of perimeter. Watch the slides below and then complete the worksheets underneath.



This week we are starting to look at persuasive texts. Read the text on Skara Brae below. Use you inference techniques to write out any questions that you have about the text. Do you have any background experience that links to the text, for example, have you ever been to a prehistoric settlement?


Read the text for a second time and make a note of any vocabulary that you don't know. Then have a look at the vocab task below. Can you match the word to the meaning?




Today we are looking at the Bronze Age. Watch the slides below for an introduction. 


Afterwards, look at the primary sources. What do they show us? What don't they show us? 


Finally, use the secondary sources to find additional information on the Bronze Age. Can you use the internet to find out your own facts about the Bronze Age?