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Monday 25th January

NUMERACY - Equivalent Fractions

Today we will be starting our work on equivalent fractions.  First have a go at the recap, then watch the video below which explain what equivalent fractions are and how to find them.

Spr5.4.2 - Equivalent fractions (1)

Now look through the slides and have a go at working through the problems.  You can always go back to the video if you need a reminder.  If you want more of a challenge you can try the reasoning sheets.



Today's activating prior knowledge task is on the following document, along with your WALT and Success Criteria. Have a go at your APK task first.

Today's activity is a comprehension on the new US President, Joe Biden (it was first written a couple of months ago, so is slightly out of date!) . As before, there are three different levels and the answers in the next document. Mr Holmes' literacy group should try the 1 star questions, Ms Glover's group the 2 star questions and Miss Knightsbridge's group the 3 star. 


Read the questions first so that you know what you'll be looking for in the text. As you read the text, mark, underline or circle anything you read that relates to the questions - you could always write the question number beside where you find the answer so that you can refer back to it later. 


Write your answers in full sentences, making sure they would be understood by someone who does not know what they question is! Check your answers afterwards and make any corrections. 



As part of our PE this week we would like you to have a look at these resources from Broxtowe Active Schools.  They are posting challenges on their social media channels each week to promote mental and physical well-being.  

Your PE is to have a go at the game based on 'Simon.'  As well as this you may also want to look at the healthy eating and mental health resources.  Have fun!