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Monday 25th January

Morning task

Set up your book with the title:

Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Today we are going to review these skills.

Click on the link below to watch the videos that will show you how to add and subtract fractions. We have recorded these for you to show you the methods that we have already taught you.



A few notes about what you need to do:

You do NOT need to do ALL the questions - Use the success criteria to decide which colour skills you need to work on.


Mark your answers when you have done every 5 questions.

If something is a bit tricky, watch the video again, or try an easier colour.

If you feel very confident, move onto the next colour.

If you want a bit more practice, continue on the same colour.


Your maths lesson is about an hour long, so you can stop when you have been working for about an hour.


We will continue this topic on Tuesday, so we will be continuing with these tasks tomorrow. 

Choose the colour of your task by looking at the success criteria


Read through the slides carefully so that you know what your task is.

Competition time! 

Because it has snowed, we would like you to take some time outside to build a snowman/animal! We are going to be running a Year 6 competition for this, so please send a picture of your magnificent creation to our email and we will announce the winner on Tuesday. Have fun! 

Here is Mrs Playford's family's snowman!


Tom Palmer has written a short story for us to listen to in the run up to Holocaust Remembrance Day. Here is part 1.

Part 1 of The Question by Tom Palmer