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Monday 29th March


Angles in triangles.

We are doing two days on this topic. Watch the video as many times as you like as you complete the work.

There is more time to continue the second of these sheets tomorrow (in addition to something new). Work for about an hour on maths.


This morning, we are planning our speech between Lady Macbeth and Macbeth using the word banks we created from the text on Friday. Remember to convey the characters, we need to make sure Lady Macbeth is evil, greedy and rude; Macbeth is worried, polite and scared. Lady Macbeth must try to convince Macbeth to murder Duncan.

If you are struggling, use the support planning sheet which has some ideas to help you.


This is our last lesson in the electricity topic.

Follow the instructions on the slides.

You do not need to complete all the tasks - try to do at least the first 2.

Use the online electrical circuits website.


Spend 20 minutes reading today. Don't forget to write it in your reading diary.