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Monday 29th November

Good morning!

We hope you have had a lovely weekend! Please start the day by spending at least 20 minutes reading a book, then have a little time completing some TTRS practice. 


Start today's lesson by marking your work from Friday.

Here is the end of assessment task from our Addition and Subtraction unit of work. Give the sheets a go and ask an adult to mark it for you. How many did you get right?


Now that we have finished 'The Pebble in my Pocket' write a book review explaining what you thought of the text. Use the template below, or create your own design. 

This afternoon, we would like you to practice some handwriting. Remember: chair tucked in, straight back, book/paper the right way round and tripod grip on your pencil. Please take your time to write a line of each of these group of  letters:





Circle your best group of letters from each line. Now, have a go at writing this sentence:

Take the key and keep it safe. 


For homework this week, we have asked Year 3 to design the front cover for our Nativity programme. The winning design will be on the front of all the programmes this year. The cover should include the following details:


Bethlehem B&B

8th and 9th December 2021


Link your design to the theme of the nativity and, remember, make it colourful! Bring the design back in with you when you return to school.