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Monday 5th July

Good Morning! How are you? (¿Que tal?)

To start with this morning, read for 10 minutes. Then write a short paragraph about what you did this weekend. 



Today, we would like you to recap some prior learning.

To start with, have a go at some written addition and subtraction questions. Set them out using the column method (1 under the bed for addition, knock next door for subtraction). After that, practice some questions linked to the learning from last week (angles and turns). 



This week we will be writing an introduction for our Viking information text. Below is a copy of an introduction that me and Mrs Briggs wrote for an Anglo Saxon information text.


We will be using this model later in the week to help write our Viking introduction, so this morning we would like you to write it out so that you have a copy that you can make notes on and edit in a later lesson. 


We would also like you to use this as a handwriting exercise so find a quiet place where you can sit up straight, hold your pencil using the tripod grip and take care to form the joins carefully and precisely. 


When you have finished, as an extra challenge, can you try and find some examples of the CAPS in the text and underline them using the colours they have been highlighted in?


To start with this afternoon, spend 10 minutes on TTRS



Monday is our music afternoon so follow the lesson below to learn more about rhythm.