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Monday 8th Feb

NUMERACY - Add fractions

Today we will be looking at how to add fractions.  To begin with, have a go at the recap.  You will find answers on the slides later.


Then, watch the video below (the first 4 mins 10 secs only).

Spr5.6.2 - Add and subtract fractions

Watch the first 4 mins 10 seconds.

Use the slides to work through the example questions.  The work is colour coded, so you can have a look at which sheet you think is the best way to start.  Answers for the green questions are at the bottom of the worksheet.



Do your Activating Prior Knowledge task first.


Today is a comprehension on Chinese New Year, which is on Friday 12th February this year. Do this comprehension as you have the others so far (you could challenge yourself to do a different starred one this time though!) 

Make sure you check your answers and correct any mistakes if you have them :)