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Monday 8th February

Morning task

Below are your new spellings to practise for this week. Make sure you look at them each day and use look, cover, write, check.

For your morning task, complete the crossword. If you can't print this out, try using each word in a sentence. E.g. My niece, who is 4 years old, is adorable.


Today we are looking at perimeter - the distance round the outside of different shapes.

1) Put the title Perimeter in your book.

2) Watch the videos (you can come back to these when you like).

3) Choose the correct level of work from the list below.


Remember, you don't have to complete all the sheets, or even everything on one sheet. Mark your work regularly, and move on to the next colour if you are ready. You should work on maths for about 1 hour every day.


We will be continuing this topic tomorrow.

The videos to watch and tasks are set out together here by colour:


Today for literacy, we would like you to plan a setting description - Miss Honey's cottage. You should have already read this text (you can find it under week 4 - Thursday 28th January) and completed a word bank of description used from the text. Below is a word bank of the phrases and words used from the text if needed.

Go through the slides, which explain each of the features from the success criteria and gives you many examples, then complete the planning sheet.

There is an example below of ideas for your planning sheet.


Today is the final lesson in our light topic.


Write the title Refraction in your book.

All the instructions you need are on the slides. We hope you have fun with the simple investigations!


In preparation for the writing you will do on Wednesday, please read these extracts from Matilda. They are great fun - they show some of the dirty tricks the children get up to, and what Miss Trunchbull does to punish them! Enjoy!


This counts as some of your reading that can be recorded in your diary.