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Think like a … Mathematician!



As Mathematicians we BELIEVE that...

The learning of Maths at Eskdale is rooted in all of our core valuesI. We believe that the teaching of Maths at Eskdale should build on what has been learnt previously, and lay the foundations for further mathematical understanding beyond Key Stage Two. 

As Mathematicians we STRIVE to...

Our core intent is to enable all pupils to:

  • Develop an enthusiasm for how numbers work and what they can do.
  • Develop an understanding of written and mental mathematical calculations and how to perform and use them accurately.
  • Understand how to use the correct methods in the different skills areas of the maths curriculum.
  • Encourage the use of a systematic approach to mathematical investigation.
  • Gain a knowledge and understanding of how to apply their mathematical skills in a range of contexts, through reasoning and problem solving, and explaining their own thinking.


As Mathematicians we ACHIEVE by...

Maths is taught discretely at Eskdale, however opportunities are taken wherever possible to make links across our curriculum as a whole. Our method of teaching incorporates specific meta-cognitive strategies to enable all pupils to retain and build upon the learning of both skills and knowledge, typically by:

  • Practising the core, written calculations regularly through daily arithmetic tasks.
  • Recapping previous learning regularly through a daily ‘recap’ task.
  • Anchoring their learning in tasks that present new mathematical concepts in context.
  • Modelling, verbalising and practising skills.
  • Supporting where needed, whilst increasing appropriate levels of challenge as appropriate.
  • Providing opportunities for whole class, group, paired and independent work.
  • Encouraging self-assessment, target setting and reflective learning throughout the maths lesson, and the desire to aim high.