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Our Curriculum

Below is a summary of the units of work that we will cover during the yearClick here to visit our curriculum page, which gives more detail about each curriculum area. 


Autumn 1

Housing and the Local Area

Our first unit of work is Geography based. We will be looking at housing in Chilwell and focusing on how the area has changed over time. We will start by going on a walk round the area so get ready to make lots of observations about what you can see around you!

Water cycle

In Science we will be learning about the water cycle and we will be using what we have learnt to write a non-fiction text in literacy.




Class Reader

Our class reading book this term is called The Train to Impossible Places by P.G Bell.


In Book Talk sessions, we will be reading both fiction and non-fiction books  about the water cycle including; Once upon a raindrop James Carter, Water National Geographic, The Water Cycle at Work Rebecca Olien, The Water Cycle Santana Hunt.    


Autumn 2


Pre-Historic Britain (Stone Age to Iron Age) 

We will study what life was like for early Britons. Stone Age life in places such as Creswell Craggs  show us how our ancestors lived and how life was different thousands of years ago. We will think like Historians by studying artefacts from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron. We will be asking you to choose which Pre-Historic Age you would have preferred to live in.