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Our Curriculum

Below is a summary of the main units of work covered in year 5Click here to visit the school curriculum page, which gives more detail about each curriculum area.

Spring Term

This term our History will focus on The Shang Dynasty, with a some interesting Book Talk reading to support this. In Art, we will look at 'The Four Gentleman' and work on our painting skills.  Our Spanish work will focus on how to describe people, RE will be another look at Sikhism and the importance of stories and Science will be focussing on forces.  We will be reading The Firework Maker's Daughter  by Phillip Pullman and writing our own adventurous versions of the text!

Autumn Term

Our Autumn term is set to be busy and exciting! Our Geography will focus on retail in the local area, with a couple of trips out to visit and survey the shops. In Art, we will study the artist Chuck Close to see the various techniques that he used in his work and try to replicate these methods ourselves! Our Spanish work will focus on how to describe the weather, RE will begin our first look at Sikhism and Science will be focussing on life cycles and human development to old age. We will be reading Room 13 by Robert Swindells and writing our own spooky versions of the text!