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Below is a summary of the main units of work covered in Year 6.  Click here to visit our curriculum page, which gives more detail about each curriculum area. 

Autumn Term

Our unit of work for Autumn term is Big Issues and we will be studying a variety of these through our different subjects. We will be studying the author Shaun Tan using his book called The Arrival to write a setting description of a new city that the refugee in the book arrives in. 

In Geography, we will be learning about Global Goals, equality, migration, plastic, trade and Fair Trade. 

In Science, we will be learning about the circulatory system and the digestive system. We will be carrying out an experiment titled 'Does height affect pulse rate when exercising?' 

In RE, we will be studying Islam and the 5 pillars of faith. This will link to further work in the Spring term. After half term, we will investigate the Jewish faith and learn about how and why they were persecuted in the 1930s-1940s. We will especially be thinking about why the saying 'Never Again' is so important. 

In PSHE, we will be learning about laws and structures of society as well as racism and discrimination. We will also be taking part in the DAaRT (Drug, Alcohol and Resilience Training) course and will be welcoming the DAaRT officer into school! 

We will be practising our Spanish and learning about Sports and how to say which sports we do or don't like to play. 

In Computing, we will be learning about the importance of ESafety.


In Year 6 we love reading! The book we will be reading as a class is Malala: My story of standing up for girls' rights. 

In Book Talk sessions, we will be reading non-fiction books about the circulatory system and the digestive system, before moving on to Fiction books that deal with some big issues.