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Below is a summary of the main topics covered in year 3Click here to visit our curriculum page, which gives more detail about each curriculum area. 

Autumn Term

Our main focus for the Autumn term is settling the children into Eskdale and making them feel at home. We start our Year 3 learning journey by reading 'Mixed' by Aree Chung, which links to our art focus of mixing a variety of colours and knowing which primary colours make secondary colours. In this unit of work we will also look at the artist, Seurat and use our new knowledge of mixing colours to recreate one of his artworks. Also, during this term the children will begin to learn Spanish - we start by learning how to pronounce, read and write 12 different colours in Spanish. The children will be thinking like a geographer this term through exploring the local area, using maps to find routes and recognising the 4 points on a compass. Our learning then moves onto our science focus where we learn about fossil and rocks, we will spend some time observing fascinating fossils and learning about how they were formed. Later on in the term, the children will begin to learn how to place events in chronological order, a skill which we will build upon throughout the year and certainly helps us to 'Think like a historian'. Finally, during the Autumn term, we shall also be learning about Divali and how it brings a sense of belonging to Hindus, and of course we will finish the term with a spectacular Christmas production!