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Eskdale Junior School

Think like a …Linguist!


Our curriculum is underpinned by our five core values, supporting pupils' academic and personal development, making learning and knowledge gain meaningful, developing pupil’s character and preparing them to be successful Eskdalers now and into the future. We achieve this by introducing pupils to the idea of our ‘Think like a...’ approach to their learning, enabling them to become a little more ‘expert’.

‘Think like a…’, including talk, write and read like a Linguist is central to pupils' learning and designed to develop pupil oracy and vocabulary skills to enable them to use language meaningfully.

When reading like a Linguist, pupils have opportunities to support their knowledge and vocabulary in speaking, reading and writing in Spanish.

The Spanish curriculum maps out substantive knowledge (rules of the language, terminology and transcription) and disciplinary knowledge (vocabulary to enable pupils to read and compose in Spanish) to enable pupils to -

  • Develop an enthusiasm and foster an interest for learning languages
  • Communicate in other languages by speaking (oracy), listening, reading and writing (literacy and knowledge of language)
  • Respect and develop an awareness of cultural differences and similarities with Spain (intercultural understanding)
  • Develop speaking and listening skills

Spanish is taught through the school’s process model:

  • Speaking and listening
  • Reading
  • Writing

Intercultural understanding will also be taught within each stage; children will begin to understand other cultures and develop knowledge, skills, behaviours and attitudes that enable them to appreciate and respect others from different communities.

In addition to substantive and disciplinary knowledge, pupils will be taught knowledge and skills within the key concepts of:  All about me, Home and Abroad, Numbers and Dates, Work and School, Culture in Spanish-speaking countries.

The teaching of Spanish is delivered through our method of teaching (pedagogy) incorporating meta-cognitive strategies to enable all pupils to retain the learning of knowledge. This is typically applied by:

  • Activating Prior Knowledge
  • Small step teaching delivery
  • Independent practice
  • Feedback

How we adapt the MFL (Spanish) Curriculum for SEND Pupils

As part of our quality first approach to teaching, we use a range of strategies to support SEND pupils to access the MFL curriculum. The document below details examples of the adaptations that are made to support pupils in class.