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Eskdale Junior School

Eskdale's Vision and Values

At Eskdale Junior School we are committed to providing a happy, caring and stimulating environment where children recognise and achieve their potential. Underpinned by our core values, our school motto reinforces the message that with belief and perseverance you can achieve anything.

Our school values are at the centre of all aspects of school life and key to our success. These statements provide a strong sense of belonging to all members of our school community; they define us, drive us and are clearly evidenced in and around school

They shape planning, decision-making, team work and our whole school ethos. Pupils refer to our values as ‘The Big Five’ or S.T.A.R.S.

Skills and Knowledge for Life

Preparing our pupils for now and equipping them well for the future.

‘Take Care’

Taking care of ourselves: healthy bodies and healthy minds.

Taking care of others: building and valuing relationships, tolerance and being sensitive and understanding in how we treat others, regardless of religious, ethnic or social-economic backgrounds.

Taking care of the community and world-recognising that we must respect and appreciate the wide range of faiths and cultural diversity in the world.

Taking care of our work: high standards of presentation and being proud of the work that is produced.

‘Aim High’

High expectation of what can be achieved by every child and adult. 

There are no limits to what can be achieved-be aspirational! 

Being resilient and determined in the pursuit of goals and persevere in achieving them.

‘Respond to challenge’

Never give up.

Being excited and motivated by opportunities to be challenged.

Encouraging enquiring minds, imagination and creativity.


Have a responsibility to ‘do the right thing’ by ourselves and others.

Make the right choices.

Think before you speak and think before you act.

Being aware of, and accepting the consequences of our actions.

In all their learning, pupils are clearly focused on the 'big five', which are the school values that are clearly displayed and constantly referred to by teachers. These values... underpin all aspects of pupils' learning.