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Think like an …  Athlete

We believe that the teaching of PE at Eskdale should lay the foundations for our pupils enjoying healthy, active lives beyond Key Stage Two. It should allow them to develop their physical skills, teamwork, resilience and enjoyment of being active. The learning of PE at Eskdale is rooted in our core values, specifically skills and knowledge for life and aiming high.


Our core intent is to enable all pupils to strive to:

✓ Develop a love of being active and provide opportunities to be active for sustained periods of time

✓ Understand how to stay healthy and why it is important

✓ To analyse and evaluate the skills needed for specific sports

✓ To improve their skills and apply them to sporting situations

To engage in meaningful competition at an appropriate level, including striving for personal bests

✓ Experience and excel in a broad range of physical activities and sports

✓ Develop positive character traits, such as teamwork and resilience


P E is taught discretely at Eskdale, however opportunities are taken wherever possible to make cross curricular links across the curriculum. Pupils and staff follow a process model to ensure children become increasingly adept at ‘Thinking like an Athlete’ as they move through the key stage.


This incorporates the following stages of learning:

✓ Analysis – analysing the skills needed for a sport or activity, as well as pitch markings, rules and features.

✓ Skills – develop skills discretely which are needed for the sport or activity.

✓ Practice – putting their skills into a context, including small sided or modified games.

✓ Competition/Performance – taking part in competition or performances, either in lessons or as part of both intra and inter school competitions.


For all our pupils to achieve, both learning more and remembering more. Our method of teaching (pedagogy) incorporates meta cognitive strategies to enable all pupils to retain the learning of both skills and knowledge.


This is typically applied by:

✓ Activating prior learning

✓ Small step teaching delivery

✓ Independent practice

✓ Feedback

How we adapt the P.E Curriculum for SEND Pupils


As part of our quality first approach to teaching, we use a range of strategies to support SEND pupils to access the P.E curriculum. The document below details examples of the adaptations that are made to support pupils in class.