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Think like a … Responsible Citizen


As a Responsible Citizen we BELIEVE that...

We believe the teaching of PSHE enables our pupils to learn about and begin to understand a range of factors that may affect them in their own lives. Rooted in our school’s five core values, children learn, life skills, resilience and are taught how to look after their own emotional, physical and financial wellbeing to prepare them to be an active member of modern British society. 


As a Responsible Citizen we STRIVE to...

Through Recognising, Reflecting and Responding through PSHE, our core intent is to enable all pupils to strive to:

  • Develop understanding of their personal Health and Wellbeing through recognising attitudes, behaviours and influences of others
  • Develop an awareness of healthy relationships, how to control emotions and the changes that occur as they grow
  • Understand an individual’s contribution to the modern world through discussions on working environments, laws and citizenship.


PSHE is taught discretely using lessons provided through the 3D Scheme, however opportunities are taken wherever possible to make cross curricular links. Challenge and enrichment are provided and developed through opportunities such as School Council, House Captains and in-class systems such as classroom responsibilities and working partners, as well as opportunities to explore democracy and its value and visits from MPs. Assemblies are used to embed the school’s core values, underpin children’s understanding of British Values and to develop understanding of SMSC.


As a Responsible Citizen we ACHIEVE by...

To allow our pupils to achieve, our method of teaching incorporates specific meta-cognitive strategies to enable all pupils to retain the learning of both skills and knowledge.