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A message for parents:

As a result of school closure, we have compiled a number of activities that your child can complete at home.  Typically, activities should last up to an hour however these can be delivered in shorter periods within this time. Children must take breaks of 10 or 15 minutes between activities.


Support for children with learning needs - If your child has a learning need and finds the work too hard, please support your child in their work. See the SEN section below for some further ideas on activities that you can try at home.


When children return to school, we will celebrate some of the wonderful work and their achievements during this period.  


A daily structure for learning

Please see below our suggested structure to each day to ensure that your son or daughter is provided with a balance of activities.


One hour of maths

 This could include using:

  • Any other maths activities using the links found in the year group maths below                                              
One hour of literacy

This could include using:

  • Any literacy activities using the links found in the year group literacy below, to include: Reading comprehension, Writing and SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)
One hour of exercise 

We recommend:

  •  Any PE activities using the links found in the folder within each year group below
One hour of a foundation subject

In each year group folder below find the link activities for the following subjects:

  • Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Music
  • Art
  • DT
  • PE
  • Computing
  • Spanish
  • RE


Pupils should also spend up to 20 minutes each day on TTRS (Times Table Rockstars) and  between 30 minutes and an hour reading (we suggest 30 minutes for year 3 and 4 and up to an hour in years 5 and 6).

As our children will be spending more time online during this extended period of school closure, we would like to draw your attention to the parent advice page on our website and in particular to two websites, which are useful regarding e-safety advice and guidance.

MATHS DICTIONARY for all year groups