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Summer Term Home Learning Activities 

Summer Term 2 Activities

We have covered all of the year 6 science this year. So, if you are not sure on any of it, use this time to revise that. 


Here is a link to lots of science experiments that you can do at home:

Grow your own rainbow

Recap what you have learnt

Have a go at these revision sheets. For any of the boxes that you can't remember or are not sure of, research the answers.


Have you heard about the space launch that happened recently? This document has lots of ideas of things you can research and do based on the space launch.


Summer Term 1 Activities

In this term we are learning about living things and animal classification. This is how scientists sort and organise all the living things on Earth - animals, bacteria and plants.


Session 1

To be classed as a 'living', all animals and plants have to be able to do 7 things - these are known as MRS GREN (or MRS NERG). 

Have a go at this task: 


Session 2

All animals can be classified (sorted) into 6 groups: mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians and invertebrates. 

Research each of these groups, looking for the specific features that classify an animal as one of these. 

Watch this video:


Your task is here:

Session 3

Familiarise yourself with a classification grid. You will have seen one of these before but probably not with classifying aliens...

Session 4

Have a go at filling in this classification key. Put the questions in the correct place in order to make it work. 

Session 5

Now have a go at creating your own classification key.  You could choose some of your favourite animals to put at the bottom, your favourite books, your favourite sweets... it's up to you! Just make sure your questions are accurate and can be answered with yes or no. Remember to write 'yes' or 'no' on the arrows so the person completing this will know where to go next. 

Draw it on some paper (or take a photo if you have made a large one) and we will have a go at each other's when we are back in school. 

Here are a few ideas:

Session 6

Go on a bug hunt in your garden/when you go for a walk. (Remember to follow the social distancing guidelines!) 


Listen to an award-winning podcast to answer questions like 'can you dig to the centre of the earth?'


The Royal Institution have a series of films and ideas for fun and easy science experiments at home:


NASA have made their entire media library open to the public - what sights of the universe will you see and discover?


Explore the surface of Mars with images recorded by NASA's Curiosity Rover

Spring Term Home Learning Activities