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This half term we will be revising some of the topics covered this year.


Activity 1

L.O Observing the variety of living things.

Go outside and draw or list the animals you can find- be careful not to disturb them. What type of animals are they and how do you know? Think back to our Living things topic in September.

Use the resources to identify bees, make a bee hotel or a moth trap.


Acivity 2 Forces

In the spring we began to look at different forces and how we represent them. Look at the Institute Of Physics link for information on how to draw force arrows. Try drawing some examples of forces that you notice around the house.


Activity 3 

Revising Light and Earth in Space.

Making a sundial and investigating the position and size of shadows can help us understand how the Earth and Sun travel through space. Try the activities and explain what is happening to someone who isn't a science expert like you!

Activity 4

Water enquires. As it is hot why not have fun using water to do some science?


      Which fruit are buoyant and which are not? Find a selection of fruit. Predict which ones you think will float or sink. Perhaps put them into two groups or draw a table. Fill a bowl or paddling pool full of water and carefully lower the fruit ons at a time into the water. The more dense fruit will sink and the less dose fruit will float ( think back to our Forces lessons) You could try this for other objects or materials. Check with an adult first.