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Think like a...Scientist!


As Scientists we BELIEVE that...

We believe that the teaching of Science at Eskdale should provide the basis for an understanding of our world and the role science has to play in its future prosperity and preservation. The learning of Science at Eskdale is rooted in our core values, specifically ‘Skills and Knowledge for Life’, ‘Take Care’ and ‘Respond to Challenge’ and should, we believe, lay the foundations for further science education beyond key stage two, in the  fields of biology, chemistry and physics. 

As Scientists we STRIVE to...

Our core intent is to enable our pupils to strive to  


  • Develop a curiosity and interest in the natural world through ever- increasing knowledge and understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science in order to explain what is happening in the world around them, predict how things will behave, justify their ideas, and analyse causes.

  • Develop a conceptual understanding of the uses and implications of science, today and in the future and with increasing clarity of thought, be able to articulate scientific concepts accurately and draw conclusions (both for themselves and for others), using scientific vocabulary and technical terminology. 


  • Develop a sense of ‘working scientifically’ through scientific enquiry and comparative and fair testing in order to explore ideas, observe changes over time, notice patterns, group and classify and answer their own, as well as predetermined questions, about the world around them. 

As Scientists we ACHIEVE by...

Science is taught both discretely, especially ‘working scientifically’, as this is always taught through related science content, as well as part of a thematic, cross curricular approach. For all our pupils to achieve our method of teaching incorporates specific meta-cognitive strategies to enable all pupils to retain the learning of both skills and knowledge.