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Think like a...Scientist!


As Scientists we BELIEVE that...

...the teaching of Science at Eskdale promotes our pupils to become curious, creative and critical thinkers, equipping them with skills to take their scientific learning into the future. The learning at Eskdale is rooted in our 5 core values and combines practical skills with greater knowledge which will prepare pupils for life in a world where challenges are increasingly overcome through technological and scientific developments. Through Science our pupils will learn to be curious, consider evidence, think critically and understand the relationship between themselves, other people and the wider environment.

As Scientists we STRIVE to...

✓ Develop enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards Science

✓ Understanding of scientific methodology

✓ Critically evaluate both their own and others’ work, extending and improving their ideas

✓ Promote cooperative social skills enabling successful team work

✓ Be aware of the historical and social perspective of science that has formed the modern world.

Science is taught through different contexts and pupils and staff follow a process model to ensure children become adept at “Thinking like a Scientist” as they move through the key stage.

This incorporates the following stages of learning:

✓ Investigate and Research –recall knowledge of subject, research particular area of topic asking relevant questions and considering ideas.

✓ Plan- Plan an enquiry that will answer a scientific question including resources, method, predictions, variables, recording and diagrams

✓ Enquiry- Carry out an enquiry using practical skills such as measuring, controlling variables, teamwork, observations and recording data.

✓ Conclusion and evaluation- Drawing conclusions from the enquiry to answer the Big Question using scientific vocabulary and reflecting upon their own learning behaviours and skills

As Scientists we ACHIEVE by...

...learning more and remembering more. Our method of teaching (pedagogy) incorporates meta-cognitive strategies to enable all pupils to retain the learning of both skills and knowledge.

This is typically applied by:

✓ Activating Prior Learning

✓ Small step teaching delivery

✓ Independent practice

✓ Feedback