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Summer Term Home Learning Activities

Summer Term 2 Activities

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Summer Term 1 Activities

Here is a link to an excellent resource with a Spanish teacher teaching you the basics of Spanish. Definitely have a go!



If you haven't completed the Spring Term activities, please make sure you have had a go at these.


My family


For this term, we will be recapping vocabulary starting with 'my family'.

Have a look below for your tasks and extra help. 

The planets


Also, in this term we will be learning new vocabulary about the planets! 


Here is a song to get you started:


Think you know the names of the planets in Spanish? Complete this sheet to help you remember them.


Now have a go at saying whether a planet is near to the sun (cerca del Sol) or far from the sun (lejos del Sol).

E.g. Mercurio es cerca del Sol. (Mercury is close to the sun).


You could add in muy (very) or bastante (quite) before cerca or lejos.

E.g. Neptuno es muy lejos del Sol. (Neptune is very far from the sun). 



Spring Term Home Learning Activities 

This year we have been learning how to describe our town in Spanish and modes of transport. We have also learned different verbs and can describe how we go somewhere.


Using the word banks below, practise reading, speaking and writing in Spanish.

Task: You are writing to someone who has never been to Beeston. Write a paragraph about:

  • What there is (shops, library, cafes) En mi pueblo hay…
  • What there isn’t En mi pueblo no hay…
  • Describe the places (big/small) grande / pequeno
  • What you can do there  Aqui se peude ….
  • And what you cannot do there Y no se puede
  • Describe how you travel somewhere. E.g. Voy a la plaza en bici (I go to the town square by bike).


Here is an example paragraph:

En mi pueblo hay un parque pequeno y una estacion pequeno. En mi pueblo no hay un hospital. En el parque, se puede jugar al futbal y corer. En mi pueblo hay una caferteria. Aqui se puede comer pero no se puede nadar. Voy al mercado a pie pero voy al colegio en bici.


Scroll down below to check the translation into English:


In my town, there is a small park and a small station. In my town, there isn’t a hospital. In the park, you can play football and run. In my town, there is a café. Here you can eat but you can’t swim. I go to the shop by foot but I go to school by bike.




Also use this website to practise your Spanish


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