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Thurs 15th July



This work is for the next 2 days, so don't rush it! 


Take a look at the work on the slides below and follow each stage carefully. You will be writing your own transmission from Mars, line by line, including different types of sentence as you go. Take a look at the black box on each page for ideas of other sentences to include at each point too.

When you're finished, edit your work carefully. 

History - The Space Race! 


Below is a set of timeline cards with key events from the Space Race. 

First, go through the cards that do not have dates on and try to work out the order in which the events occurred. You can check your answers to see how you did, but only AFTER you've had a go yourself. 

There is a blank space timeline below - if you like, you could print it out and add some of the events to this timeline.


Challenge! Can you name any events that were happening in Britain, or other parts of the world at the same time? Google the time period to find out a little more about the wider world at the time of the Space Race.


There is a presentation attached to get more information about what happened during the Space Race; have a look AFTER you've done the first activity.