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Thurs 22nd Sept

NUMERACY - Roman Numerals

Following on from your Roman Numerals work yesterday, today you will be applying it in a slightly different way.  From the crossword, each question translates to a Roman Numeral.  You can start off working across or down - it's up to you!



I = 1

V = 5

X = 10

L = 50

C = 100

D = 500

M = 1000

LITERACY - Independent Write

Continue your independent write.  If you finish, read through and then colour code.  The example above will help you to work out which techniques you have used.  If any are missing, steal them from the example!

Look at the powepoint about the Golden Temple.  Make a poster to show the key information - this could include what it is, where it is, why it is important and what happens when Sikhs visit.