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Thurs 4th March

Good morning year 4!

Happy world book day.



Morning Activity


To start the day off, spend 10 minutes completing arithmetic pg 55. After 10 minutes, use the answers to mark and correct any you have got wrong.



Lesson starter

Start today's lesson by completing the next sheet for either your Word Detectives or Spelling work. If anyone is still unsure about this then please contact school or email year 4.

Main Lesson


As today is World Book Day, we would like to give the children some time to think about books and enjoy the books they have at home.

You should have received a parent mail from school at the end of last week, outlining a competition that we are running in school. We thought it would be nice if the children could do their book cover design during today's lesson.

If you have missed the parent email, then please see below the letter that was attached outlining the details of the competition.

Please can you children complete their design on an A4 piece of plain paper. This will be needed to be handed into their class teacher by Friday 12th March.


To end the lesson, it may be nice if your child could share their favourite book or part of their favourite book with you or another person in the house.



Answers for Wednesday 03.03.21

Today's first job is to go back to the work you completed on Wednesday and use the answers below to mark. Please complete any corrections for the ones you have got wrong.

Main lesson


Today, we will be doing our second lesson on finding fractions of a set of objects.


First, write the short date 04.03.21 and the title Fractions of a set of objects. Use your ruler to underline both.


Next, have a look at the criteria below and complete the recap and anchor task. Use the answers to see how you have done.


Finally, watch the video for lesson 2 as this will explain how to find fractions of a set of objects.

Main lesson Activities


If you are in Miss Groves' or Miss Cameron's group, complete the orange task and if you feel confident with that then complete the green task.

If you would like to challenge yourself further, then have ago at the purple task.


If you are in Mrs Bennett's group, complete the green task and then move onto the purple task. If you are unsure, then you may need to go back and complete the orange task.

Afternoon subject



Today, we are going to carry on looking at teeth and the function that they play when we are eating food.


First, write the long date Thursday 04th March 2021 and the title which teeth are used to chop, grind and rip? Use your ruler to underline both.


Next, look at the criteria below and do your activating prior knowledge.



Main Lesson


Today, you are going to use your knowledge on the function of teeth to carry out an investigation.

The question that you are answering today is What teeth do you use to bite an apple and carrot? You will be biting a piece of apple and thinking about the teeth you use to bite it and eat it. You will then repeat this for a carrot.


In your books, you will need to use the following sub-headings to conduct your investigation. See the notes under each sub-heading for what you need to include.



What teeth do you use to bite an apple and carrot?



Make a prediction of what teeth you think you will use to bite and eat both the apples and carrot. Start your prediction with the following:

I predict that when I am biting and eating the apple I will use..........

I predict that when I am biting and eating the carrot I will use.........


You will now need to carry out the experiment. Bite some apple and think about how you eat it. What teeth do you use and what do they do to the apple? Repeat with a carrot.


What I did

Here explain how you carried out the experiment


What I saw change between biting and eating the apple and carrot

Here think about the different teeth you used to bite and eat the food. Were they the same?


Why I think this happened?

Here you need to try and explain why you think you used the teeth you did to bite and eat the food.


This work should be written up like a science investigation. You have done a few of these before in school, so you should know how this needs to be set out. Remember you are thinking about both the apple and the carrot as there may be some differences in the teeth you use to eat them.