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Thurs 7th Jan

Maths- Please write the short date and title factor pairs in your book.

Today, we will be finding and using factor pairs.


First, have a look at the criteria and complete the recap and anchor task.

Next, watch this video which will explain what a factor pair is and how to find them.

Main Activities

If  you are in Miss Groves' or Miss Cameron's group, complete the red/orange tasks. Then why not see if you can challenge yourselves and complete the green.

If you are feeling confident then please challenge yourself further and have ago at the purple task.


If you are in Mrs Bennett's group, complete green first then move yourself onto purple.

Literacy- Please write the long date and title Descenders in your book.

For literacy today, we are going to concentrate on our handwriting.

Please look at the success criteria and complete your recap.


Go back and read the tips and hints that we have given you.

Remember you need a sharp pencil and to be sat at a table.

Today,  you will be concentrating on desenders (these are the letters that go below the line). We have included 2 sheets for you to have ago at with a range of words on that include desenders. You must complete a whole line of each word from the sheet. If you feel you need more practice of any of the words then please complete more lines.

History- Please write the long date and title Roman Empire timeline

In History this half term, we are going to be looking at Romans and thinking about the Big Question 'What did the Romans bring to Britain' .

In this lesson, you are going to create a timeline of the Roman Empire events.


Have a look at the Roman timeline events.



Either using the timeline template below or if you feel confident to draw your own (using a ruler), use the cards to plot the events on the timeline in the correct position.


  • BC comes before AD 
  • Don't write the events to big as you may need to fit more than one in the same area.
  • Think about the scale the timeline is going up in.
If your are struggling or want to check your timeline please see the example below.
To finish your day, please complete 20 mins of reading. If you finish your book then complete a book review before moving on to another book.