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Thursday 11th February

Buenos dias year 3! ¿Cómo te llamas?

Start this morning with the next quick read.


Remember to mark your arithmetic from yesterday:



Today is our last day on money before a quiz tomorrow so use this opportunity to practice what you have learnt.


There are 2 activities to choose from this morning;

The first is a version of monopoly to practice money skills. This requires you to print off the sheets in order to play and you also need at least 2 players. If you can't print then have a look at the other activity which are more problem solving questions. If you have no-one to play with this morning or your grown up is busy have a go at the word problems and perhaps you can find another time to play e.g in half term.

Activity 1 (monopoly)

The instructions are written on the game board. You will need to cut the cards out and place them on the game board. You can cut out the counters or use something you already have. You will need a dice but if not, you can google 'online dice'.

Activity 2 (word problems)

Finally, this is another game you can have a go at!


Start this lesson with the next worksheet for either word detectives or spellings.

Today you will be writing your final copy of the soup recipe. Follow the instructions in the PowerPoint. Once this is complete, we would like you to send in a copy/photo of this piece of work for your teachers to see. Send it to .We look forward to seeing them.


Spend at least 10 minutes reading to start this afternoon.

Design and technology

On Tuesday afternoon, you made your own soups which hopefully was a massive success. As promised we've given you some time this afternoon to finish off your evaluation sheet. You will see we have attached the evaluation sheet again below for you to complete.

Once you have completed your evaluation then you will completing this unit with a label design for your soup. Below you will find a photograph  of a soup label and a selection of worksheets for you to choose from, some of which offer a little more help than others.

For those of you that started this activity on Tuesday afternoon this is time for you to complete this task.