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Thursday 11th February

Morning task

Have a go at these questions which involve finding the percentage of amounts. Remember, to find 10% divide the number by 10. 50% = 1/2 so divide by 2. For questions such as 40%, find 10% first then times that answer by 4.

See how many you can solve in 15 minutes then mark your answers. 


Set your book up with today's date and title

Area of rectangles


Have a go at the recap

We are carrying on with calculating the area today. Below, there are some new tasks to have a go at (apart from Purple Task 1 is the same - so if you did this yesterday, skip it today).


Start with the colour that you reached yesterday. 

Watch this video again if you need a quick reminder.


​​​​​Choose the right level comprehension.

One star - Mrs Playford's Literacy group

Two stars or Three stars - Miss Graves and Miss Tabram's groups, depending on how confident a reader you are (3 stars for the most confident reader).


Mission Name: Follow Joe.

This afternoon's task mission is to challenge a partner to see who can follow Joe in copying every exercise he does and keeping up with his efforts.

Follow the brief and the instructions to build on your physical health. 





Choose one of your reading challenges to complete. Write it down on your challenges page in your diary, then bring it to school when you return and we'll tick it off.