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Thursday 13th January

Your daily tasks are to spend 10 minutes on TTRS and 20 minutes reading. Please record your reading in your diary and we will award credits as usual when you return to school.


Today we are finding percentages of amounts. Read through the powerpoint slides and answer the questions on the sheets. The slides will tell you when to complete the fluency sheet and when to complete the reasoning sheet.



After you have completed the sheets, please you the answers below to mark your work.


Today we are going to start looking at a new text The war of the worlds.


Your first task is to read through the text and place ? above any words you are unsure the meaning of.

Next, look at the sheet below. We have picked some words out that we think you may be unsure of and would like you to use a dictionary or google search if you do not have a dictionary to find the meaning. You can then write these out.



After you have found the meanings of all the words, have a look at the slides below for the answers.