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Thursday 14th October

Happy Thursday! We have almost made it to half term everyone!


Joke of the Day - 


Q) What do you call a boomerang that wont come back?

A/ A stick! 


Today in Year 4 we will be taking on some FANBOYS work in Literacy, in Maths we will be looking at subtracting two 4 digit numbers (with exchange) and in R.E we will be looking at affirmations within Judaism and how these could relate to the relationships in our life. 



In Literacy today we are going to be continuing with our work on FANBOYS with some worksheets to complete (attached below). Work your way through the PowerPoint below to help you before you start on the sheets. Answers can be found on the worksheets too. 



In Maths today we will be continuing with our subtraction unit of work, however, we are moving on to subtracting two 4 digit numbers (with one exchange) .


Please watch the video below and follow the attached slides to get a firm understanding of the concept and what the White Rose will be asking you to do. 


After you feel confident with this, you can start taking on the White Rose sheets. Work your way through the sheets. if you need to refer back to the slides at any time please do so. 


Once those are completed, why not challenge yourself by taking on the mastery sheets attached below. 

Aut4.6.5 - Subtract two 4-digit numbers - one exchange.mp4

Still image for this video



In R.E today we will be looking back at The Shema prayer within Judaism and how the affirmations made within this could be reflected in the relationships in our own lives. Please follow the slides (attached below) and complete the task.