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Thursday 15th July

Good morning Year 3!

Start the morning, with a 10 minute read. Then have a go at this quick writing task! Get descriptive!


Below is a paragraph about the Vikings. We would like you to practice your editing skills identifying the mistakes. Once you have corrected the mistakes, handwrite the text, using your best joined handwriting. 


We have finished our new learning for our shapes topic so this morning and tomorrow morning we would like you to complete some activities that consolidate (help you to remember) everything you have learnt. 

Have a go at the questions below and we will provide you with the answers tomorrow.


Time to have a think! We would like you to think about your learning. This should take no more than 15 minutes.


This afternoon you will be learning more about light.  Have a look at the slides and the documents below and, if you are able, investigate different materials that you might have at home. If this is not possible then have a go at the questions instead.


This is how to make the 'Reflection Tester'

Alternative Task

If you are unable to complete this task, then using the information try and answer these questions.


1. What is reflection?

2. Why do we need reflective surfaces?

3. Describe 4 reflective surfaces which can be useful.

4. Which colour do you think reflect the most light?

5. Light travels in .................... lines.