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Thursday 16th December


As usual, please start the day by spending some time reading your chosen text (for at least 20 minutes). Then, spend some time practicing your times tables on TTRS - have you received a Rock Star status yet? Have a look on your account to see how you can get this. 


Today we would like to you complete some Christmas poetry. Using the sheets provided, have a go at writing a Christmassy acrostic poem - you could even try to make it rhyme! Use the word bank to help give you inspiration, and why not play some Christmas music in the background to help get you in the festive spirit! 


To get us into the festive spirit, why not practice some Christmas artwork today! Follow along with 'Draw with Rob' to draw a Christmassy character from his book:  OR perhaps you'd like to learn how to draw a gingerbread man, which you could then make into a Christmas card to send to a family member:


Using the sheets provided, please practice your beautiful joined up handwriting. Remember: chair tucked in, straight back, book/paper the right way round and tripod grip on your pencil. Please take your time and take care