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Thursday 18th March


We are going to be reviewing how to simplify fractions. Work through the questions on the sheet. Don't forget to show your working out. 

Aut6.8.4 - Simplify fractions


Use the primary sources on the sheet to find out about what living conditions were like during the Industrial Revolution. 

Once you have completed the sheet, use the secondary sources pack to write down notes about what living conditions were like. 


Don't forget to use the key vocabulary: 
- it is likely that

- it is probable that

- supports

- refutes 


Look through the slides to see how to complete the remaining tasks on the budgeting sheet. (You don't have to complete Stage 1 again!) 



Find something to get you moving! Perhaps try a dance video on Youtube? Or a Joe Wicks PE?


Spend 20 minutes reading and remember to record it in your diary.