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Thursday 18th November



Today you will need to edit your piece of independent writing. Read it through. Is there any punctuation missing? Could you improve your sentences? Can you vary your sentence openers? Make your changes in a different coloured pen or pencil.



Today we have a mini assessment of what we have learnt so far this half term. Have a go at the test below and then use the answer sheet to mark it. 



Today we are doing an experiment to show the effect of different liquids on teeth.


Because we don't have teeth to use, we are going to use egg shell to replicate the human tooth.  You are going to place some egg shell in four different liquids and watch the effect it has on the shell. For this experiment you will need egg shells, water, milk, fruit juice and an energy drink .


First, read through the slides below and plan your experiment using the template on slide 4. Remember to think about how you will make your experiment a fair test!


Afterwards, use your plan to set up your experiment. Remember to use the same amount of egg shell and same amount of liquid in each cup or bowl. We will then leave the shells in the liquid for a week and wait to see the results!