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Thursday 18th November 2021



Take a look at the document below - it has a few different poems on. Read through them carefully and decide which one you would like to perform! 


When you have chosen, read through the poem again and look for parts, lines or words where you can make your voice change in order for it to be more interesting to the listener. Think about:


Pace - speed up or slow down certain parts for effect

Intonation - think about the way you actually say the words so that the keep the listener engaged. Which words might you put a stress on?

Voiume - are there any parts you will get either quieter or louder on? 


Annotate your chosen poem to sow your choices about how to perform it. 


Aut5.10.4 - Multiples of 10 100 and 1000



We are starting our relaxing activities this afternoon! In school, we are taking part in all sorts of activities that help us to look after our well-being and keep our minds happy. Take some time this afternoon to do something nice - do some crafts, bake, read, play outside, draw...the choice is yours (but try to avoid the computer!) 


Try some of the activities below if you like!