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NUMERACY - Mixed and Improper Fractions

Today we will be recapping converting between mixed and improper fractions.


Start off with your recap.


Watch the videos below to recap how to convert both ways between mixed and improper fractions, then have a go at the orange/green sheet to practise converting.

Change an Improper Fraction into a Mixed Number


Change a Mixed Number to an Improper Fraction



Check the main document for today's tasks. 

You will also need the following text. This has the highlighted examples for Wednesday and Thursday. Today you will need to look at the ORANGE and BLUE highlighted text, which show Arthur and Kay's point of view.


This half term we are looking at the Properties of materials.


Lesson 1  Properties of materials. Write this title in your exercise book. It is important you do this as you will need this information when you join in with class science in a couple of weeks.


The power point presentation gives you an introduction to the lesson but you can do some slightly different things. Have a look at it.


Instead of using a feely bag, you could go around your home or outside and find different materials. What words can you use to describe the different materials. Write down the type of material and the words you use to describe it. For example Glass window  -transparent, cold, rigid , smooth.



Properties of Materials Power point

Here are some scientific words to describe the properties of materials.









If you haven't used them use them to describe some of the materials you found. If you don't know what the words mean find out! write out the definition to remind you.


Do you want to do some investigating? Of course you do! How can we test some materials? We are not going to test if something is flammable because I don't want you burning things! If you have a fridge magnet or another type of magnet you could use it to test if a material is magnetic. Thin about how you can easily record your results ( not lots of writing!)


Can you see through the material? Is it transparent 1 being total see through and 10 being not see through at all (opaque)


Is the material permeable (lets liquid through)? Drop a couple of drops of water on the dry material. If it soaks in it is permeable if it doesn't then it impermeable ( waterproof)

You don't have to do all the investigations! But you can if you want. You might even have your own ideas!

Good Luck!