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NUMERACY - Multiply Mixed Numbers

Today we will be multiplying mixed numbers.  First have a go at the recap, then watch the video below.

Spr5.8.5 - Multiply mixed numbers by an integer

There is no red task for today - you can look back at yesterday's work if you need more practise multiplying non-unit fractions.


Look through the slides, then work through the sheets.



Your Activating Prior Knowledge task today is a reminder of what to look out for when you are editing writing: 

Today you can edit your writing! 


If you have not finished, take the time to do that using your Success Criteria and the example text to help (you can edit tomorrow instead!) 


If you're ready to edit, make sure you have colour-coded your writing first. If you have chance, ask someone else to read it through for you to spot missing words, spelling mistakes etc. Use a purple pen, or a coloured crayon, to change and improve any of your language and punctuation. 


As an extra challenge, try to include some of the punctuation we have thought about lately - is there anywhere you can add a a semi-colon, for example? 

HISTORY - Enquiry

Today you will be looking at what you can learn from the artefacts found in a Shang Dynasty tomb.  Look through the slides - you will have space to write down what you think the different artefacts might tell us.  Each set also has pre-prepared notes to show you what a modelled answer would look like.  There is also a small secondary source which can be used to add detail to your notes.