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Thursday 21st January

NUMERACY - 4 digits divided by 1 digit

Start off with the recap on squared and cubed numbers.  The video below may help.

Square numbers, cube numbers explained easy and simple, step by step. Maths help.

Spr5.3.3 - Divide 4-digits by 1-digit

Look through the examples in the slides and watch the video on dividing 4 digit numbers by 1 digit.  The slides have some guidance for the work below.



Start with today's Activating Prior Knowledge task:

Today, you can finish your writing! 


Before you start to write, make sure you read back over what you wrote yesterday so you know your starting point for today. If you haven't already, tick of your checklist so far, so that you can see what you still need to include. 


When you have finished writing, tick your checklist and colour-code it like we would in school. Instructions to help are on the checklist - this will help you to see anything you've missed, ready for editing tomorrow. 



Start off with the activating prior knowledge activity thinking about what we learnt about our local area before Christmas and similarities to California.

Look at the PDF below about Earthquakes.  Use the information to help you complete the labelling activity on the first sheet (the on with the activating prior knowledge activity).  I have also attached a completed diagram to help you check your work.
Now look at the PDF about volcanoes.  Use this to help you label the volcano on the sheet below.