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Thursday 21st January

Why not start today by watching Newsround? We are enjoying watching this in class everyday. 

Morning work

Have a go at Timestables Rockstars this morning. Once again, we will be awarding extra credits for whoever tops the leader board! 


Today we are continuing with our work on rounding. First, complete today's recap (below). Then rewatch the videos from yesterday if you need to. There are reasoning challenges on the slides to have a go at if you have finished and a White Rose task below.

Literacy - please email this work to us.

Today, we would like you to improve a really rubbish piece of writing. You need to show off all of your writing skills to make this better. There won't be much of the text that you will want to keep! 


The below links are exactly the same text but saved in 2 different formats. If you want to edit it using a laptop, then open the word document one, SAVE IT ON YOUR COMPUTER, then start editing. 

If not, then open the pdf and write your improved version in the book. 


Commando Joe has planned this activity, which builds on your physical health. Mission name: Exercise Goes Wild. 


Spend 20 minutes reading your own book. Make sure you write this in your diary as one of your reads for this week. We will be awarding credits when you come back to school.