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Thursday 22nd July

Buenos Dias!

Start this morning by reading for 10 minutes, then do the morning challenge.



Yesterday, in RE, you completed your cube template about Brahman. Today, in literacy we would like you to write your own poem thinking about Brahman.  Read the poem from the Upanishads and underline all the nouns and adjectives.  Use the format below to write your own poem.

Copy your poem in your best handwriting and illustrate it with pictures that match your poems.

Take a photo of your work and send it to us via the year 3 email.




This morning, we will carry on looking at volume and capacity. Watch the video below then have a go at the worksheet.


Sum3.10.5 - Measure capacity (2) (1).mp4

Still image for this video


As normal spend the first 10 minutes reading your reading book.



This week the Olympics games start. So let's learn some athletics skills: Jumping and throwing!

Follow the lesson below and make sure that a parent is present, or even better they join in!