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Thursday 25th February

Morning all!
Start this morning with the next quick read. Remember this is a quick activity. Try to read the text in about 2 minutes and then quickly answer the questions using your skimming and scanning skills.

Remember to mark yesterday's arithmetic test too!



We are continuing our work on statistics today. We will be learning about bar charts today. 


We are using a different resource today so please follow the instructions on the lesson slides carefully. You will find any links and activities you need below:


Don't forget to mark your answers from Wednesday's lesson first! 


As always start today with your spelling task.

Before you start today's task, then mark the work you have done on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Today is a grammar lesson. You will be recapping how to use the different tenses.

Have a look at the WALT and success criteria and complete the starter activity. To do the starter, you will need a sharp pencil and somewhere to sit comfortably.

Starter task...Handwriting - joining the letter y, ou, un and oo

Still image for this video
Click on the link below which will direct you to a video. Make sure you pause the video when told and do the activity you are asked.


Find a quiet spot somewhere and enjoy reading your reading book. As always jot  what you have read in your diary. And yes you've guessed it, write it in your diary and get it signed.

Your anagram challenge

Unscramble these two short words. 


             wee        yee


Put all you clues together and work out the common theme. Email your answer to All correct entries will get a raffle ticket. Good luck! 


Today in art we are learning some of the basic skills in preparation to some work we will be doing about Dennis Wojtkiewicz and hyper-realism, which you will have learnt a little about in literacy earlier this week.

Below is a link to the WALT and Success Criteria. Have a look at the vocabulary and make sure you understand what each one means.


Look at the photograph below. These are examples of different marks that we would like you to have a go at copying. As you do, please explore putting different pressure on and see whether this has an impact on the final mark. At school we explored a range of different pencils. If you have different pencils, you could try this, but otherwise practise mark making with one pencil. 

Below is a sheet that you could print out to fill in, or make your own. We would like you to bring this into school with you when you come back.

We would like you to email in a photo of your art work please to