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Thursday 25th February

Morning task

This morning, complete your Times Table Rockstar sessions. Spend 10 minutes making sure all your ten games are completed. 


Today we are learning about volume. Begin by completing the recap on the slides. Then follow through the slides by watching each video and completing the tasks below.

What is volume?

What is volume?

Counting cubes

Counting cubes

Volume of a cuboid

Volume of a cuboid


Have a go at answering these questions about Alexander Graham Bell.  Remember to use the text when answering the questions.

Here is an example of the features from yesterday's literacy lesson, in case you want a bit of help with any of the sections...


This half term, we are looking at budgeting in PHSE. Today we are going to look at what budgeting means and your own experiences of handling money. 

Follow the slides below and then complete the task.


Move to the Beat


Spend 20 minutes reading your reading book. Don't forget to write it in your diary.