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Thursday 27th January



Today in maths, we will be continuing with our area topic by looking at comparing areas of different shapes. Please watch the video below and use the attached slides to help you answer the questions on the sheets. If you are feeling confident with this why not take on the mastery work sheets to challenge yourself. Remember to check your answers after completing each sheet. 

spr4.4.4_-_comparing_area (360p).mp4

Still image for this video



In literacy today, we will be looking at rhyming words around school to help us with our modelled plan for next week. Use the PowerPoint below to help you. If you can think of any more words you would like to use then please make yourself a rhyming couplet list for these too. 



In history today, we will looking at our big question again of; What did the Romans bring to Britain? In today's lesson, we begin to look at the towns and trading links that the Romans brought to Britain. Please follow the attached slides below and complete any of the tasks when you reach them.